Sculpting Complex Topics into Innovative and Effective Communication Tools.

Offering a rare combination of technical understanding, writing ability and creativity that is suitable for CME accreditation, our writers have the skills to package complex research data for maximum impact in selected markets.

Using a structured approach based on audience assessment, research, planning, implementation and evaluation, HealthBridge can help you educate, inform and influence your audiences.  Through quality third party literature pieces, content dense interactive CME programs, research journal publications, sales literature and white papers, HealthBridge will help you stand out from the crowd.

From concept through copy writing to design, print and delivery, HealthBridge is able to produce high quality literature to support your products and services in nutritional, pharmaceutical and biotechnical markets world-wide.

Our writing capability, technical grounding and long-standing experience ensure hard-hitting material to impact your audience. Working with our creative partners or yours, we have the ability to produce clear, concise third party literature pieces, arresting research reports and corporate literature of distinction.

HealthBridge has been instrumental in the production of an extensive portfolio of literature, for products and services in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and biotechnical markets. We continue to work with a number of our clients on a wide variety of projects.


“Dr. Nick (Cushman), you are a Pro.”
   -SC, President of California-based marketing company that hired us to design product formulas and create supportive marketing literature.

“You developed excellent support literature for Marketing. The monographs are great.”
    -CD, President of leading global nutraceutical corporation