HealthBridge offers research, development and marketing support to help you build on the success of your existing brand or to create a fresh start, through the development of new product formulations, combinations, dosages and indications for use.

From conception to product launch, we offer complete turnkey solutions that increase your market share and close the loop between you and your customers through effective and targeted scientific marketing communication tactics and proven product development strategies. Our experience has shown that for most companies, employing a full time staff to fill these part time roles is both inefficient from a cost perspective and difficult to staff from a talent perspective.

We also offer complete problem solving strategies, because sometimes even the best-planned product launches come up against unexpected problems. Whether you have a product that needs new life, or you are faced with competitor challenges, we can help you overcome them. Our problem-solving capabilities combine proven turnkey solutions with clinical, marketing and creative strategies that match your company’s philosophy. We work to counteract competitive challenges and arm your brand with the weapons it needs to succeed in a challenging and rapidly changing environment.

HealthBridge Management's core activity is the conceptualization, design and formulation of innovative, clinically effective and scientifically valid vitamin, mineral, homeopathic and herbal products for the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industry.   We are committed to enhancing your company’s product development cycle by identifying new, innovative products, creating custom formulations and developing seamless scientific support.


HealthBridge has developed novel techniques in the formulation and design of new products and has unquestionably mastered the science and the art of nutritional product formulation.

The Science

Our product formulation experts will help you every step of the way in the creation of your new, best selling product or product line.  We will evaluate the research for you, support your new product design and development process, ensure product line integrity, and manage all claims substantiations, which will support product placement.   Our experts do not simply group several raw materials together that have similar, recognized mechanisms of action or indications for use.  They conduct exhaustive research reviews of all pertinent clinical studies published or submitted for publication throughout the world.  They also conduct exhaustive reviews of new patent filings of innovative nutraceuticals.  Further, we tap into our network of practicing physicians throughout the world for insight into uniquely designed, tried and true natural formulations. When a master formula has been created especially for you, you will receive complete third party fully referenced product literature that details out every aspect of the innovative formula- from key medicinal constituents within each raw material, to clinically supported indications for use, to known mechanisms of action, to recommended dosage regimens.  Working with your marketing talent or ours, this information will form the basis for accurate consumer-friendly literature about your new best selling product.

The Art

HealthBridge strives to create a product formulation whose collective raw materials function in harmony to produce a clinical effect that is far greater than the effects of any individual component within the formula.  This represents the art of product formulation.  Through our clearly written technical writing pieces you and your customers may gain a clear understanding of how the ingredients work together to elicit the optimal response. 


“ These products are magical.  I want to be on them for life.”
   -JK: Consumer of Dr. Cushman’s product formulations and program
“Thank you, thank you, thank you… for changing my life.”
-DO: Very pleased customer taking products and following program designed by a HealthBridge Consultant.

“Wow, what incredible results!!!”
    -JI: Client customer who lost a significant amount of weight using products and program designed by Dr. Cushman.

Our work speaks for itself.  Below is a sampling of some of the best-selling unique product concepts that our team at HealthBridge is proud to have researched, formulated and/or developed (usually it's all three!): 


  • Pre-operative Complex®

A unique blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathic preparations designed to prepare a patient for surgery. Released to consumers in 1998. Available at Whole Foods and other fine health food stores throughout the country.


  • Post-operative Complex®

A unique blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathic preparations designed to assist in the post-surgical recovery process. Released to consumers in 1998. Available at fine health food stores throughout the country.


  • Anti-inflammatory Complex®

Consumer Market- Released in 1999


  • Standard Process® Purification Program

Researched, formulated and conceptualized the Standard Process Purification Program. This program also included the publication of a medical textbook, Clinical Purification, authored by Dr. Gina Cushman. Released exclusively through  the Healthcare Professional Channels in 2000 and still available and a very strong program worldwide for Standard Process. Dr. Cushman is the mastermind behind the Toxicity Questionnaire that accompanies this program, and has been copied, ad nausea and without permission, by most of the competition. It is a testament to the quality and longevity of the work conceptualized and created by our team at HealthBridge.


  • OPC Synergy®

A proprietary blend of whole foods and herbs that optimize the activity of oligoproanthocyanidins (OPC).  This product has been researched through a facility associated with Harvard Medical School.  The product has demonstrated tremendous clinical benefit in addressing brain wave abnormalities in Attention Deficit Disorder patients. Case studies have also demonstrated benefit in improving symptoms of PMS.  Released exclusively through Healthcare Professional Channels in 2000.


  • SP Complete®


Available exclusively through Healthcare Professionals.   HealthBridge founder Dr. Gina Cushman conceptualized, formulated and oversaw the complete development of this product. Additionally, we designed and executed a third party clinical trial on this product that was published in the peer-reviewed research journal, WFNJ, where it demonstrated profound clinical benefit on a wide variety of health challenges including hypercholesterolemia, chronic fatigue and depression.  Released in 2002.


  • Gastro-Fiber®

Healthcare Professional Market- Released in 2002


  • SP Cleanse®

Healthcare Professional Market- Released in 2002


  • Mood Food Complex®

This best selling product contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that effectively balance brain chemistry.  The product is marketed to consumers experiencing mild depression, anxiety and other mood-related challenges. Released to consumers in 1997. Available at fine health food stores throughout the country.


  • Mild Child®

Consumer Market- Released in 1997


  • Dental Detox Factors®

Consumer Market- Released in 1998


  • Multi-Minerals and Herbs Complex®

Consumer Market- Released in 1998


  • Hair, Skin and Nails Complex®

Consumer Market- Released in 1999


  • Ginkgo Synergy®

Healthcare Professional Market- Released in 2000


  • Palmettoplex®

Healthcare Professional Market- Released in 2001


  • Glucosamine Synergy®

Healthcare Professional Market- Released in 2001


  • SP Greenfood®

Healthcare Professional Market- Released in 2000


  • The complete LTP Natural Health Products® Line

Consumer and Healthcare Professional Market- Released in 2009. Researched and formulated by Dr. Gina Cushman.


  • The complete LivingYoga® line
Consumer Retail Market- Released in 2008. Line of supplements designed for the yoga practitioner to support strength, flexibility and balance. Researched and formulated by Dr. Gina Cushman.