HealthBridge Medical Center, a sister company to HealthBridge Management, offers comprehensive integrative and preventive health care for men, women and children with a focus on treating the underlying cause of health challenges instead of masking or suppressing symptoms. For example, if a patient comes to our center with the symptom of a headache, we do not routinely prescribe aspirin to resolve the headache. Instead, we diagnose and treat the underlying physical reason why the patient has the headache in the first place, by utilizing innovative lab testing and symptom analyses that point to the root cause of the symptoms. By doing so, we resolve the patient’s condition rather then masking or suppressing the symptom with potentially damaging chemicals.

HealthBridge Medical Center is moving beyond the existing medical paradigm, incorporating advanced and innovative diagnostic and treatment strategies that address key foundational and underlying causes of the most prevalent and debilitating symptoms that  people in the United States experience today.