A Partial Client List...

Eli Lilly

NASA’s Johnson Space Center

Experimental and Applied Sciences (EAS)

Shaklee Corporation

Enzymatic Therapy, Inc.

PhytoPharmica, Inc.

MediHerb, LLC

Sun Chlorella USA, Inc.

Gaia Herbs, Inc.

Standard Process, Inc.

Muscle Media

Atrium Biotechnologies

Daiwa Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Pure Encapsulations

RLC Labs, Inc.



American College for the Advancement of Medicine

American Nutraceutical Association


Canadian Health and Fitness Association


Daiwa Health Development


Energy Magazine

Foundation for Care Management (Washington State Medical Association)

FSF International MedSupport

HealthBridge Medical Center


Plasmanex 1

HVS Laboratories, Inc.

Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association

LTP Natural Medical Center

Michael’s Naturopathic Programs, Inc.

Muscle Marketing USA, Inc.

Muscle Media

Natural Pharmacy


NF Formulas, Inc.

Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Association

Phytoceuticals, Inc.

Pinnacle Marketing Concepts, Inc.

Pitsco, Inc.

Professional Solutions, Inc.

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients

University Of Illinois, Graduate Department of Food and Human Nutrition

International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine

Labrix Clinical Services

Women's International Pharmacy

Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy

A4M BHRT Symposium

University Compounding Pharmacy


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