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Dr. Gina Cushman to lead online seminar discussing innovative strategies for optimizing thyroid function

(Newport Beach, CA) - Gina Cushman, NMD, PhD will give a live online continuing education (CE) webinar presentation on Wednesday, January 18th at 5 PM Pacific discussing “Innovative Strategies for Optimizing Thyroid Function,” utilizing an integrative approach to thyroid disease prevention and treatment that includes the use of the thyroid medications, Nature-ThroidTM and WesthroidTM, never recalled by the FDA for hormonal inconsistency or stability issues- in clinical practice. The presentation offering 1.25 hours of live pharmaceutical CE credit runs from 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM Pacific (8:00 PM-9:15 PM Eastern) on www.FreeCe.com.  Cost to participate is free to PharmCon members or $30 per person.     

Targeted to pharmacists, physicians, naturopathic medical doctors and nurses, the presentation will also cover applying safe preventive strategies that help to offset the development of a thyroid disorder. 

Dr. Cushman, the owner and founder of HealthBridge Medical Center and HealthBridge Management,LLC in Newport Beach, CA, will discuss Nature-ThroidTM and WesthroidTM and other thyroid medications, and provide case reports and direct links to thyroid health information sites on the prevention and treatment of thyroid disorders.

“We are facing an epidemic in this country of thyroid disorders, and the incidence is on the rise,” says Dr. Cushman. “Still, with environmental toxins and stress-caused changes suspected in the long term development of serious thyroid disorders, safe interventions that ameliorate those risks are of great interest and integrative medical interventions and preventive lifestyle factors offer great promise,” Dr. Cushman said.  

“Dr. Cushman’s presentation includes a detailed look at thyroid treatment strategies,” said Rudy Dragone, R. pH, owner of  Clark's Pharmacy. 

“PharmCon/FreeCe.com is an excellent venue to introduce pharmacists and other licensed healthcare practitioners to the benefits of Nature-ThroidTM and WesthroidTM as part of a safe and integrative treatment approach to thyroid disorders, “ Dragone added.

Feedback from physicians and pharmacists in attendance at Dr. Cushman’s lecture last month on this topic included “This was absolutely the best explanation of thyroid problems I have ever heard;” “Excellent presentation;” and “Very knowledgeable speaker.”

For course registration go to www.FreeCe.com and click on the January 18th presentation link in the Upcoming Live CE Programs box.

1:20 pm pst 

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