Nutraceuticals World Interview
Dr. Gina Nick interviewed in Nutraceuticals World. Check out the interview and get a feel for her perspective on the industry and overseeing HealthBridge Management by clicking here!
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HealthBridge Experiences Exponential Growth with Leading Companies in the Industry

In the past 30 business days, HealthBridges has partnered with four major players in the natural products and pharmaceutical industries. 

Says Dr. Gina Nick, founder of HealthBridge, "We are highly selective with who we chose to partner with because we know from experience that our services and contributions raise the level of impact and success that our clients have. Our track record speaks for itself.  The purpose of HealthBridge is to raise the level of quality within our industry, and that begins by supporting those companies with demonstrated ethics, quality standards, and the willingness and capability to go above and beyond the call of duty to produce products and services that raise the standard in the natural healthcare field."

For more information on HealthBridge, the company's client list and client comments, visit www.healthbridge.tv.

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